Quality systems

SAFE4U® security of Sweden AB have worked actively with quality for many years and are considered to be one of the best in the industry. Keep on reading and you will understand why.


About our systems

During the last four years a constant strive against improving our work processes and quality have been exercised. Among other things this has resulted in a process oriented approach.The purpose is to produce products and services of high quality as well as continuously improving the quality system. The following section will briefly describe the most important processes related to quality.

Project process

The right product, at the right cost and on time. Our aim is to manage projects against defined targets which are why SAFE4U is practicing a standardized project model. The customer is actively engaged at an early stage in every SAFE4U´s position is to identify the customer as a project participant. The purpose of the project model is to create a common foundation, points of references as well as shared values among all members of the project.

Development process

This process emphasizes the importance of user focused requirements as well as continuous acceptance, verification of quality and management of change.

User requirements

A correct analysis of the user requirements will ensure the right product or service being developed. Customer requirements are user focused and consultants with a high degree of industry experience are engaged in the process. Our consultants not only have external experience but also from having worked within many of the companies and organizations which are our clients. This ensures a relevant analysis of the user requirements as well as enhancing an effective communication between client and supplier.

Risk analysis

A critical part of every project is to identify and manage risk. This process identifies both project related risks as well as technical risks. We are always taking a proactive approach towards reducing the probability of identified risks.


Internal audit in an early phase of the process facilitates the identification of issues problems at a stage when the cost of correction is minimal. All requirements will be audited by a project – and test leader.


Tests are being conducted during the complete development process to ensure the product meets the design and feature expectations. Acceptance tests are normally made by the customer, but if there is a need SAFE4U are willing to support these tests being made at the site of the customers.


To ship the right product on time is a pre requisite for a satisfied customer.

Quality Assurance

We have instituted a quality assurance program which is a symbol of law and justice. In case of an audit our dealers, suppliers and manufacturers must always be ready to show compliance to SAFE4U´s quality assurance program.

To secure you as a customer about the quality of our products and services as well as the moral and ethical standards we have instituted a quality sign which is divided into two categories:


Our products must be of a high and consistent quality. This is true for products as well as for services and includes everything from the smallest individual component to certification .

Law and justice

Our ambition is for people in jobs risking their own safety while protecting others to feel secure with products from SAFE4U. As a natural consequence of our corporate policy we will not sell our products to customers without a valid professional id.

Quality assurance is about preempting problems and achieving expected quality. In order to manage our quality system SAFE4U have identified a number of quality objectives. These objectives are as much the foundation of our quality work as they are part of our ongoing program of improving quality. The objectives are:

  • Delivered quality – Products and services supplied by SAFE4U must meet set quality standards.

  • Shipment accuracy – Shipment on time is a critical success factor for SAFE4U.

  • Customer – SAFE4U should be percieved as a reliable partner and supplier.

  • Staff and domestic environment –All employees must work for and take responsibility for our quality assurance program.

At the point of delivery components and functionality is always verified and controlled to ensure compliance against the contract and specifications (see test process). After the approved acceptance test the product are shipped according to the terms and conditions of the contract.

Customer complaints process

The purpose of this process is to manage customer complaints in a structured manner, customer support issues, orders, assignments, etc. It is an important instrument for SAFE4U as every divergence leads our efforts towards improving quality. Since long the customer complaints process have been an integrated part of our.

Environmental Policy

The environmental policy of SAFE4U Security of Sweden AB is based on EU´s, EMAS, Environmental Management and Audit Scheme.

Highlights of our Environmental policy:

The focus of the environmental policy of SAFE4U is primarily to prevent environmental effects by avoiding health risks, maximizing energy efficiency, minimizing pollution and waste as well as choosing technology and working processes with minimal impact on the environment. Environmental impact is a critical decision factor prior to any investment. New projects and products must be evaluated in regards to potential environmental impact. Alternative with lower impact on health and environment must be prioritized in favor of similar alternatives. When this is not longer feasible or financially justifyable other solutions should be considered. Our customer must be informed about our environmental policy.

Code of Conduct

Our activities in and outside of Sweden requires our employees and business partners to take responsibility - for themselves and each other. We have created a regulatory framework, our Code of Conduct. Everyone in our company must comply to these rules and principals and we also communicate them to our business partners and expect them to follow it.

Our business principles

We will act as a reliable and trustworthy partner that lives up to its commitments. We believe in long term business relationship where we together with our business partners creates a basis for strong economic performance, environmental stewardship and social commitment. We introduce our stakeholders to our Code of Conduct as a natural part of our relationship.

Laws and regulations

In the countries where we comply to its laws and regulations. We respect and comply with competitive rules, environmental laws, labor laws, agreements and other regulations affecting our business.


We will not provide business partners and other stakeholders with rewards or benefits in violation of applicable laws or reasonable and generally accepted business practices. We reject all forms of corrupt business operations and our business relationships should be characterized by impartiality. Neither SAFE4U or any of our employees may accept personal gifts or services exceeding a specified level, or participate in any representation in addition to normal business operations.

Personal interests

Our staff and representatives must avoid getting into situations where their personal or financial interests may conflict with SAFE4U’s. In cases where there is risk of such a conflict of interest the employee or the representative should report it to SAFE4U’s guidance for handling such a situation.

Neutrality and transparency

We work to ensure open communication to our stakeholders within the bounds of commercial confidentiality. The issue of political parties and candidates, SAFE4U always takes a neutral position. Neither the company name or its assets may be used to promote such interests. We respect the human rights conventions. We support and respect basic human rights in our business. We will not tolerate under any circumstances, child labor or work performed by force or threat of violence.

Diversity and Equal Opportunities

Our company recruits and gives employees equal opportunity and treatment regardless of gender, marital status, ethnic or national origin, sexual orientation, race, religion, political belief, age or disability.

Diversity is encouraged

We are actively working to eliminate all forms of discriminatory treatment of employees. We pay fair remuneration in accordance with relevant standards in the countries where we operate.

A healthy and safe working environment

We will offer our employees a safe and healthy working environment. We strive to minimize work-related accidents and injuries.

Monitoring and Information

As an employee of SAFE4U everyone have a responsibility to inform and present the Code of Conduct and relevant content to employees and business partners. Code of Conduct applies without exception, wherever we operate in the world, the practical implementation is regularly monitored and communicated openly.

SAFE4U Co-operation

It is the objective of SAFE4U to expand and develop our business relations with partners in our industry.

We are actively seeking new distributors but also sub-suppliers of high quality security product.

SAFE4U has initiated an international expansion and therefore are also looking for representatives in other geographical markets.